Five Terrible Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

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Halloween has become the Irreverent Olympics, in which everyone tries to out-whimsy each other with unexpected costumes. Oftentimes, partiers look to the pantry for inspiration. Sometimes food-themed costumes go right, and sometimes they go very, very wrong.

1. Wonder Bread Baby

Congratulations. Your baby looks like a jerk. Also, it's barely food and is worth 79 calories a slice.

2. Ham
If you have to label your costume so people know what you are, you've made a mistake.

*As one of our readers so kindly pointed out, this is actually a reference to the Harper Lee book To Kill a Mockingbird in which the main character, Scout, plays a ham in the school play. Ok, we admit it. We haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird since sixth grade. But we're leaving this entry because Scout was wearing a terrible ham costume, thus making her a terrible food costume O.G.

3. Burger
What's worse than wearing a burger wreath around your genitals? Wearing it with a Hawaiian shirt, Birkenstocks, and novelty sunglasses. This costume would embarrass Carrot Top.

4. Bacon

Why don't you just dress up like a unicorn jumping the shark? Singing "Chocolate Rain." Knitting a cupcake.

5. The Double Entendre

Because subtlety is overrated.
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