Xanath is Slightly Weird, Granted, But You Can't Beat 99-Cent Froyo

It ain't Bi-Rite, but don't hold that against 'em.
​Xanath could be a Roxy Music song, a character in a Dragonlance book, or the nom de hack for a pimply post-pubescent Internet troll. Pronounced "shah-NATH," the word has a mystical, over-worldly connotation: zenith meets Xanax -- in a galaxy far, far away. In actuality, Xanath is both a Veracruzan brand of smooth vanilla liqueur and an ice cream shop on Valencia in the Mission. We first wrote about Xanath a few months ago, calling attention to the establishment's clean, sweet-smelling digs and its reasonably satisfying spectrum of flavors, both classic and daring.

There's definitely something a little weird about Xanath. Maybe it was the clerks on the sidewalk outside a month or so ago, smiling beatifically as they passed out complimentary vanilla pods in plastic promotional baggies -- like hippie-fied Wire corner girls full of entrepreneurial vigor. A major bonus: You can get one small serving of organic agave-spiked frozen yogurt -- typically chocolate, vanilla, or a swirl -- for 99 cents.

Sheeee-it, as Clay Davis would say. When it's as hot as it has been -- by this Southerner's standards, quite bearable, just slightly toasty -- a cup that cheap really hits the spot, even if the contents can't begin to touch Bi-Rite's salted caramel. Think of it as a step up from swimming pool soft serve and you'll start making it a habit.

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