Bulleit Bourbon: A 90-Proof Rite of Passage

Honestly, if you don't respect yourself, who will?
​The late great American cultural historian Bernard DeVoto once wrote an entire book dedicated to the proposition that the only cocktails a self-respecting adult should consider imbibing are the dry martini and a slug of whiskey, ice optional. (One shudders to think what DeVoto's reaction would've been to the chocolate cocktail with crushed-Oreo rim.)

Happily, we tend to fall into the self-respecting adult category, given our absolute admiration for a well-crafted martini, and now that we've gotten our hands on a birthday bottle of 90-proof, 30-percent rye Bulleit bourbon, our journey into maturity is complete. Adulterating this rich, deep, lip-smacking, soul-stirring sippin' whiskey with orange rinds, maraschino cherries, or anything more distracting than an ice cube or two would constitute high larceny. Best enjoyed in a wicker armchair at dusk during these last lovely days of summer.

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