Pizzahacker: 1000 Degrees and Rising

T. Palmer
Inside Pizzahacker's 1000-degree "Franken-Weber" oven.
"This ain't Domino's, people," proclaims new street food vendor Pizzahacker, who's been privately perfecting the pie art for some 15 years.

When we met Pizzahacker over the weekend, we were initially intimidated by the price for a whole pie ($15), but the attention and results ended up being well worth it.

He was showcasing sauces made from Mariquita Farm's tomatoes (and no other ingredients), so we asked for half Green Zebra and half Early Girl. He scattered generous mounds of cow and buffalo mozzarella, and sprinkled oregano and basil plucked from fresh plants.

"I grew up in Ohio, so I didn't even taste a real tomato until I was 28-years-old!" he told SFoodie, his miner's light glowing in the darkness.

Pizzahacker's home-built "Franken-Weber" -- a part Weber BBQ grill, part clay and wood oven invention that he'll build for interested parties for the right price -- reaches 1000 degrees and cooks a pizza in about four minutes. We devoured the pie in about half that time, and still crave more. The tomatoes, as he'd warned, needed no additives to be sweet and lovely. The blisters, the charring, the slight sticking to the teeth -- we have to be honest: The last time we enjoyed crust this much, we were gobbling it up at Flour + Water, the current "it-pizza joint" in town.

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