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​Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

Rock the vote: Yesterday we questioned Sara Deseran's ear-tweaking of Chron critic Michael Bauer for not, well, controlling his man better. To recap: Mrs. Bauer -- aka Michael Murphy -- posted what 7x7's Deseran blasted as an indiscreet tweet about a restaurant (presumably Commis). Murphy hated; Deseran hated on Bauer for (presumably again) hating on Commis (presumably), and also, we guess, for not keeping some pimpish grip on his squeeze's Twitter finger. Get it?

Today, Eater took a step back deployed some critical analysis: "In many ways, this is a new technology (and food media) issue bigger than this particular debate. So, it's probably best to do the only thing logical: put the question to the masses!"

So what do the masses think? As of 5:21 p.m. and 213 votes, it was 65.3 percent in favor of exercising more caution on Twitter, and 34.7 percent for letting people do whatever the hell they like. Roughly, we guess, the same percentage that has issues with Mr. Bauer in general.

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