Worshipping Churchkhela in the Richmond

T. Palmer
Churchkhela unleashed.
Churchkhela is a confection native to Tbilisi, the largest city in the post-Soviet state of Georgia. A string of walnut halves that have been dipped in a grape juice concentrate and hung to dry, churchkhela looks like a sausage (if you're hungry) or a candle (if you're not).

Yank the string to unleash the nutmeat; it's fun. The dried juice takes on an almost fruit leather-esque consistency, with only a muted sugar taste. One, erm, sausage candle could easily power an after-dinner nibble for four or five people. It'll make you appear well-traveled, too -- even if it's just to the Richmond District. Try it for $4 at the Moscow & Tbilisi Bakery Store (5540 Geary at 19th Ave.).
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