'Foodie's Paradise' Proves Street-Food Vendors are the New Rap Stars

Adobo Hobo may be famous on Filipino TV, but the Crème Brûlée Cart is a rap icon in the making, apparently. Fatty Boomblatty's "Foodie's Paradise" song and video immortalizes the fiery sugar salesman to the tune of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise."

As it turns out, the video was shot as part of Fatty's insanely dedicated entry in the Go Game Street Food Scavenger Hunt for the S.F. Street Food Festival last month. Competitors were asked to film them rapping for the Crème Brûlée Guy, and "Foodie's Paradise" is the one that has continued to propagate as a (micro) viral offering since then.

Three other teams took on that particular challenge as well, though Team Twin TuTu was very liberal in its use of the term rap. And Cincoamigos -- well, they couldn't even keep a beat. Local chocolatiers the Sôcôla Sisters have also posted their own video and song called "Creme Brulee Man," although this one isn't a rap exactly.

Something like a phenomenon? Watch 'em after the jump.

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