Drink Therapy: No, You Don't Have to Sit Through a Three-Hour Opera Tonight

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Doesn't this look better than those itty-bitty seats at the Opera House?
​Here's the thing: Unless you're able to manage that willing suspension of disbelief better than we are, you might love opera, but you don't love LOVE opera. Yeah, you enjoy dressing up and milling around before everyone sits, mingling with other so-called opera lovers. And the first act is always cool, just to grok the sets. But the thought of sitting more than two hours in those torture seats (your man parts getting all damp and bunchy) while singers vocalize in Italian? Give us a cocktail and a plate of fried olives anytime.

That's exactly what you can get at tonight's kickoff to Jardiniére's "Mid"-Night Happy Hour, 8-10 p.m. in the J Lounge (really, that's just another way of saying Jardiniére's bar, though it sounds cooler). In the middle part of the evening (get it? Mid-night?), just about the time the curtain rises on tonight's three hour and 20-minute performance of Puccini's Il Trittico at the Opera House, you can be sucking down $8 cocktails and appetizers: Wagyu sliders and Gruyère grilled cheese, among others, and drinks like the Bay Area Burro and Tickler's Delight. The offer continues Tues.-Sat. through December, possibly even beyond. Your man parts - or, um, the equivalent if you're a lady -- will thank you.

J Lounge at Jardiniére 300 Grove (at Franklin), 861-5555

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