Drink Therapy: Biker Dreams in a Scuffed Corner of the Mission

gretchen robinette/Flickr
Things tend to get a tad messy.
Even if you only aspire to the whole neckbeard and ink-sleeve look, and haven't yet wangled the sort of job (muffin delivery guy? A.M. barista? ) that affords afternoons off, you can feel totally at home at this scuffed slice of Mission real estate. Don't be shy, bro: Slip into a ribbed beater, camo cargoes, and hoodie, and hoist buck-off drafts and $3 wells (4-7 p.m.) in a room that's more than slightly biker edgy. Slink off to a table, or out to the tiny back patio, and remind yourself why you moved to this city in the first place, despite rents that tend to keep those barista dreams distant: its ability to totally effing chill on a sunny afternoon. Pity the bridge-and-tunnel fools sweating the BART ride home to Concord, and get another beer in your system.

Bender's 806 S. Van Ness (at 19th St.), 824-1800

Tags: happy hour