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​Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

Hey, over here!: We weren't the only ones to go all WTF after Michael Bauer answered a reader's query to Between Meals about how much to tip on a multi-hundred-dollar bottle of wine. Today Bauer turns to a reader's complaint - a gentle whine, really - about the "obscure" topics all food writers address. Here's the reader: Why not cover food information a higher percentage of readers can relate to, such as where to get great french fries; where to find the best chow mein at a reasonable price; fine dining at affordable prices; establishments with enticing happy hours; and so, so many more. Hell-ooo, lover of fries, bad Chinese food, and cheap drinks, do you even read SFoodie? Bauer, for his part, is merely breezy and evasive. Illogical, too. "It's a constant struggle to engage readers and to bring something new to the page," he writes by way of defense -- like "interesting" and "new" are mutually exclusive. Whatever. We're outta here for some $2 chow mein. You comin'?

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