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​Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

Don't get the soup: Andrew Simmons lays out a salad bar of office lunch reminiscences on Bay Area Bites, from the passively meh deli sandwich to the actively depressingly slices of dull pizza he scored at an indifferent place downtown. Soup? It can be a problem, especially from a certain chain of FiDi luncheries:

I once found bugs of indeterminable type floating in a huge styrofoam cylinder of wonton soup from Lee's, that ubiquitous chain of dirty delis with the heinous red signs and peanut butter sandwiches for $2.75. After pouring the half-gallon of buggy broth down the drain and rinsing out my mouth with diet Dr. Pepper, I telephoned the more seasoned co-worker who'd recommended I try the joint in the first place. She screeched over the phone: "Dude, you're not supposed to get the soup!" She emailed a few minutes later to say the salad bar was off-limits too -- I could go only for sandwiches, and just specific ones at that: Nothing involving meat, fish, or eggs rendered into salad form; nothing served hot.
So what are your lunchtime rules and rituals? A Lean Cuisine and status-updating at your desk, or something more fabulous? Seriously: We're curious.

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