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​Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

Gotta hand it to him: Sure, we're only halfway through September, but we're ready to cede Eater's Paolo the award for best score of the month. The catch in question: a tweet by former NY Times resto critic Frank Bruni (in town to flog his used-to-be-a-total-fatty memoir) on, presumably, the morning after a meal at Zuni and its roast chicken with bread salad, Number One on 7x7's list of "100 Things to Dry Before You Die". Here's Bruni's tweet: The Zuni chicken: as sublimely moist and flavorful as ever. But not sold on the "bread salad." Oddly shaped clumps of flinty dryness. Well, those "oddly shaped clumps" result from tearing the bread into bits -- something about creating more surface area for browning than if they'd been cut into cubes -- but, sure, who are we to argue with the ex-critic of The Gray Lady?

We should also note that, thanks to the Twitter machine, we know that the critic who couldn't get enough Snickers as a young chubber hasn't entirely lost his appetite for a good snicker. Another Bruni tweet from S.F.: Zipping thru Castro, en route to Noe Valley, there it was, a "new" manicure place, mischievously named . . . Hand Job. Don't know about you, but we'd list that as Number One on our list of things everyone should try before they die. And we're not talking manicures. Kapeesh?

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