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​Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

Pressing question: Believe us, we know the sucky reality of a career in journo, when the walls are everywhere collapsing like a playhouse fashioned out of newspaper. And we don't wish extinction on anyone -- honest. But today, Michael Bauer's Between Meals makes us wonder why anyone'd be surprised that the daily news biz is looking as anachronistic as a crystal punchbowl set.

A reader writes Bauer with a nagging inquiry: Just how much should one tip on a $300 bottle of wine? To be fair, we should point out that Bauer admits he doesn't recall ever ordering a wine that cost three bills. Still, he treats the question with enough seriousness that he puts in a call to RN74 wine poobah Rajat Parr, but not before he tries to work out the puzzle himself: Some people think when a wine is more than $500, the tip should be kind of like a flat fee that's considerably less than 20 percent. However, people vary widely on what they think is "proper." Some people? What people? Thurston and Lovey Howell? Sheesh, dude.

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