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​Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

The semiotics of yum: We once had an editor who enforced a ban on hated words: crispy, veggie, hipster, and foodie, a tag that necessarily shows up often on a site called SFoodie. At Bay Area Bites today, SFoodie contributor Andrew Simmons muses on foodie's connotations: an essential handle for a way of life, or buggy buzzword?

Alice Waters famously hates foodie -- we figure she realizes its power to diminish, recognizes its suggestion of vapid consumerism, flimsy as truffle shavings. Identifying as a foodie is like tagging yourself Hollister or H&M, Apple or PC, a shortcut to self-identity via stuff, whether laptop or lobster roll, gourmet without the cocked pinkie. Yeah, foodie sucks, but guess what? We're stuck with it. For our old editor, we subbed gastronome, locavore, even the horrible food aficionado. All, in our opinion, equally shitty. So foodie - and SFoodie - it is. Just don't expect to see us at Williams-Sonoma, filling our basket with the latest foodie must-haves. We count ourselves foodies in a sense that predates the word itself: Call us plain old greedy.

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