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​Our favorite morsel from the food blogs.

Realness on a stick: Bay Area Bites' Thy Tran serves up the most thoughtful take on street food we've seen in a long time. Sure, we can all feel glow-y for August's street food fests, but what would it take to build the teeming, vibrant vendor cultures that exist in places like India and Singapore? The answer, suggests Tran, is focused effort:

If we would like to see the creativity of those festivals extended to the other 362 days of the year, we now need to divert some of our gustatory energy to ensuring systemic support of microenterprise. Yes, I know, public policy and economic reform is not nearly as sexy as a coconut-basil popsicle. And, yes, talking about immigration and community development is such a downer. Tweeting is way more fun than writing letters to our city supervisors.
And this:
If we as eaters want creative, locally based and locally relevant street vendors integrated into our culinary landscape, then we as citizens need to push our legislators to build a system that supports--not weeds out--very small businesses. It's one thing to push a cart around Dolores Park on the weekends as a hobby during your salad days. It's much another to bring in a living wage and move your family up the ladder while providing food for others day in, day out.
It's a great piece -- read it through before heading over to the Mission for tonight's street-food party.

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