The Secret to Making Deep-Fried Butter

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Jean Smart
It's not like you toss hunks of butter into a Fry Daddy.
​The announcement last month by organizers of the State Fair of Texas that deep-fried butter would be an entry for the category of best food caused a lot of folks to wonder how -- and why -- the butter bombs were created in the first place. A recent NPR Health blog post explains the myths and mystery of Abel Gonzales, who bears the title Deep Fried Genius. Gonzales serves up 100 percent deep-fried pure whipped butter wrapped in sweetened dough -- think buttery bread to the nth degree. Customers can order the buttery treat with flavors such as sweet cream, cherry, or garlic. The State Fair of Texas kicks off September 25.

Perhaps the idea of deep-fried butter is too much for some, and Gonzales conceded to NBC News that, "I'm not actually taking a hunk of butter and just putting in a fryer. That would be kind of gross." Good to know. The Deep Fried Genius has also served up deep-fried Coke, PB&J, cookie dough, and something called "Fire and Ice" (battered, deep-fried pineapple rings with whipped cream, frozen solid via liquid nitrogen). No word on how Gonzales keeps his cholesterol in check. Maybe that's his real genius.

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