New Mission Shop Sells Only One Thing: Coconuts

poem gal/Flickr
Okay, so maybe a shop devoted to these is a tad loco.
​Last year, this blogger's pre-K students tried coconut juice as part of a heroic end-of-summer tropical juice taste test. The teachers passed around paper cups of coconut, pineapple, and mango juices. Out of at least 15 kids, just a solitary one enjoyed the coconut -- a meek, polite boy who rarely spoke unless words were dragged out, not unlike water leeched from the young fruit of a coconut palm. Moreover, out of three teachers, two could not help but admit they hated it. The meat is no less controversial; even fairly courageous eaters have been known to abstain from cake and cookies bedecked with dry white flakes.

Not everyone concurs though. This week, Mission Loc@l reported on a brand-new store in the Mission selling, for now, a single product: coconuts, in bunches upon lovely bunches. Owner Oscar Avila's Coco Loco vends approximately 180 coconuts a day at $2.50 a pop, many more on particularly steamy afternoons. For this refreshing source of manganese, fiber, and purported cleansing properties, scrap together some change and visit 2770 Mission (at 24th St.).

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