Another 24 Hours: Craigslist's Farm and Garden Classifieds

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Got $800? You can keep this bull from becoming hamburger.
SFoodie's weekly look at some urban essentials offered up on Craiglist.

• Looking to improve your flock? Look to the city of Sebastopol, that charming namesake of a lackluster Jay Farrar solo record renowned for its apples, where one "long and tall" two-year-old black face ram can get the job done. He'll cost you $450 but, according to the current owner, his lambs turn out great.

• We know you're not going there, but bear with us for the sake of argument. Depending on your whereabouts, the Premium Crispy Chicken Classic Sandwich at McDonald's costs a little over $3. The five-week-old Black Silkie chickens for sale in South San Jose are going for just $5 apiece.

• But, you ask petulantly, where will I keep these fucking chickens of which you write? In the ark, of course, dear skeptic. In Brentwood, someone's selling a handsome, wooden A-frame chicken coop, or "ark", for $350. Your problems are solved.

• Up in Sonoma, $1,800 will get four tons of Carneros Pinot Noir. You'll have to stomp them yourself.

• An old Brangus bull from Mendocino County seeks new pastures. Basically, his owners don't want to see him off to slaughter themselves, but we don't know if they'll ask too many questions when you show up in a pickup filled with buns and ketchup. They describe him fondly: "very tame, peaceful, gentile, respects fences, no problems ... he's just getting old to be out on hillside range." We know gentile is a typo but we're tickled nonetheless. He'll cost you $800.

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