This Saturday, Score a Rainbow of Tomatoes Straight from the Farm Truck

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Mariquita Farm
Get a little of this action for yourself.
​Every year you tell yourself you're going to go all Jamie at Home, doing stuff like curing your own olives, or managing to cook a whole lamb, including preserving the dodgy bits. But, well, it's damn near September and you've got nothing to show from the summer season's bounty except a sticky jar of apricot preserves in the fridge. Preserves a friend made, no less.

Well, now's your chance to atone for your slacker-in-the-kitchen ways. Earlier this month, SFoodie blogger Tamara Palmer reported on Mariquita Farm's Ladybug Truck Buying Club. This week, the Watsonville boutique grower rumbles into Dogpatch again with a flatbed full of deliciousness, only this time it's of the tomato variety.

This Saturday, September 5, at Piccino (801 22nd St. at Tennessee), Mariquita Farm will be dispensing surplus tomatoes, a whole seed catalog of heirloom varieties, in fact. Score San Marzanos (20 pounds for $23 -- perfect for preserving whole), locally beloved hybrid Early Girls (same price), Beefsteaks (10 pounds for $15), and a whole lot of various heirlooms (10 pounds for $16). You can also buy Indian corn, the padron peppers that make Palmer so drooly, as well as red and gold bells (ideal for grilling, peeling, and canning).

Here's the rub: You have to reserve from Mariquita in advance, and you must buy in bulk - no one tomato here, one pepper there (there's a $15 minimum on pre-orders). Get on Mariquita's mailing list pronto (, and beg for tomatoes.

Pickup at Piccino is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Take our advice: Start clearing out the pantry and hording canning jars from Rainbow.

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