The Nine Best Bar Foods in the U.S.

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Buffalo Wings
Bar food is designed to keep you thirsty as you toss 'em back. Fatty, often crunchy, and above all salty, bar food is so popular there's even a new L.A. gastropub simply called Bar Food. We've culled the nine best from across the country, from classics (nachos and buffalo wings, so common they're now in lowercase) to trendy takes on Brit pub grub (devils on horseback, Scotch eggs).

9. Buffalo Wings
Anchor Bay
Buffalo, New York

There are a number of creation myths for buffalo wings, the ur-bar-food combo of fried wings coated in hot sauce, served with carrot and celery sticks and blue cheese dressing. We go with the one that places their origins in Teressa Bellissimo's Anchor Bay bar kitchen late on Friday night in 1964. Since then, millions upon millions of wings have been fried to feed hungry drinkers busy getting fried themselves.

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Irish Nachos
8. Irish Nachos
B.D. Riley's Irish Pub
Austin, Texas

It's no surprise that great nachos can be had in Austin, but somewhat more surprising that the location is an Irish pub. Riley's recently added an Irish option to its very popular traditional nachos: thick-cut Irish chips (aka French fries) stand in for the tortilla chips, heaped with black beans, Jack and cheddar cheeses, diced tomatoes, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. (Grilled chicken or beef are optional.)
Photo by Matt M. via Yelp
The Office Burger.
7. Office Burger
Father's Office
Santa Monica, California

You famously cannot have it your way at Father's Office. The renowned Office burger, a dry-aged sirloin patty on a soft French roll, comes with caramelized onions, applewood bacon compote, arugula, and Gruyere and Maytag blue cheeses. There's no holding the cheese, no raw onion, and don't even think of asking for ketchup for those cute fries that come in a miniature shopping cart.

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