Mission Gallery Organizes Wednesday Bean-In

Gravel & Gold
An art, clothing, produce, good vibes -- and now bean -- dispenser in the Mission.
​These days, art, food, and apparel don't amount to more than a hill of beans. Tomorrow, from noon until 3 p.m., or while legumes last, food activist and artist Mark Andrew Gravel will be serving up bowls of the soupy stuff at Gravel & Gold, a new gallery, shop, good vibes epicenter, and CSA drop-off location set up in the old Minnie Wilde space (3266 21st St. at Valencia). A Meatpaper player, the principal behind Agrarian Art Labs, and publisher of Food + Sex Magazine, Gravel will scoop you either black beans with rice or gallo pinto, a prominent national dish of Nicaragua, depending on, presumably, his chefly whim. Come scope the luscious Eatwell Farm produce, get pre-colonial on some beans, meet people, and, you know, talk about things.


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