Meet Delilah, the Martini's Citrusy Sister

j | Wiltshire/Flickr
Hendricks gin gives a Delilah a hint of botanical snark.
​While we love our martinis (especially when they're concocted of Hendricks gin and half a capful of vermouth over a pound or so of cracked ice, anchovy-stuffed olives on the side), they skirt the limits of predictability when sipped at the same neighborhood saloon every afternoon at precisely six o'clock p.m. So we went riffling through our library of vintage cocktail manuals (doesn't everyone have one?) and came upon the Delilah, a drink close enough in spirit to the martini to give us a sense of familial equilibrium yet distinct enough from its brother libation to give the taste buds something to think about.

To conccot a Delilah, simply pour one part freshly squeezed lemon juice, one part orange liqueur (Cointreau, CuraƧao, or Triple Sec) and two parts gin into a pitcher packed with ice, stir until nice and frosty, and strain into chilled martini glasses. Garnish with spirals of lemon peel. The result is brisk yet soothing, sweet, strong, and snarky all at once, the orange and lemon making beautiful music with the herbs, roots, and botanicals of the gin. (We tried making a Delilah with vodka and were exceptionally unimpressed.) Mix up a batch the next time friends drop by before dinner or a show ... this is a most convivial libation.

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