Seven 'Fear Factor'-Worthy Dishes (and the Restaurants That Serve Them)

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Looking to get adventurous with your food choices or just gross out your date? We've compiled a list of some of the freakiest foods available, along with the restaurants (and festivals) that serve them. Warning: Don't read this before dinner.


1. Fried Goat Head
Available at Shangri-La Kabab and BBQ Palace in New York City, this dish looks surprisingly innocent. Aside from goat brains, Shangri-La serves up more enticing dishes like gundruk sandeko (Nepalese-style dried spinach) and and c-momo (fried goat dumplings with chilis).


2. Roasted Bone Marrow
Bone marrow: it produces fresh blood cells and tastes good, too. Served up by Landmarc in New York City, the roasted marrow bones appetizer comes with onion marmalade and grilled country bread. If you're hankering for more meat, Landmarc also offers roasted rabbit, grilled pork chop, and six different kinds of steak.


3. Grasshopper Tacos
Think just because you live in San Francisco you've tried every type of taco filling imaginable? Wrong. Philadelphia restaurant Tequilas offers tacos stuffed with red chile powder-covered grasshoppers, along with guacamole, cilantro, and sweet onions. Grasshopper tacos, popular fare in Mexico City food carts, are surprisingly healthy. The little critters contain twice as much protein as beef.

4. Lamb Eyeballs
A Fan Ti in Queens, NYC, is known for its exotic dishes. Besides the ultra-appetizing lamb eyeballs in brown sauce, the Chinese restaurant serves up lamb brains, spicy shredded lamb stomach, lamb testicle with hot pepper sauce, and grilled lamb kidneys

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