City Shakedown: Five Decadent Slurps in San Francisco

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Michael Bauer/
Gavin Newsom's Green Tea Milkshake, as recreated by the Chronicle food staff.
We mentioned last month that Mayor Gavin Newsom was asked to create a milkshake for the "Got Milk?" campaign, and came back with a green tea and chocolate concoction. Michael Bauer and the Chronicle food staff recreated and analyzed the Newsom shake this week. Bauer reported today that they were none too pleased with the 700-calorie results, finding the drink nowhere near decadent enough to justify such an unhealthy intake.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places in town where the milkshake plunge is ultimately worthwhile, no matter the damage. Here are five flavors we adore slurping:

1. Apple Pie Shake at Sparky's (242 Church at Market)

24-hour joint Sparky's won't ever win awards for its food, but its milkshakes made with Mitchell's ice cream are tops. This one is perfect for when you can't decide between a post-meal slice of pie and a shake.

2. Dulce de Leche Shake at Ciao Bella Gelato (One Ferry Bldg at the Embarcadero)

Gelato shakes probably hasten our death much quicker than regular ones, but the feeling of this cold cream traveling through the veins is ultimate bliss.

3. Brooklyn's Twisted Mind at Maggie Mudd (903 Cortland at Gates)

This potent blend of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, marshmallow syrup, and waffle pieces can also be made vegan, for those who want to avoid the dairy bomb potential. You'll still feel like you're being bad, we promise.

4. Chocolate Mint Quake Shake at Ghirardelli Square (900 North Point at Larkin)

Regular shakes aren't evil enough, so it's best to throw a candy bar into the mix. In this shake-up, mint chocolate chip ice cream is blended with a Ghirardelli dark chocolate with mint bar.

5. Guinness Milk Shake at Sauce (131 Gough at Lily)

The restaurant describes this as "a play on the classic malt," and serves the frothiness with fresh cream and white chocolate on top. A truly adult beverage in a child's package.  
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