Final Winner of Our 'No Reservations' Contest Wants to Give You a Big, Greasy Hug

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tony naked.jpg
Melanie Dunea, from "My Last Supper"
So disturbingly wrong.
​Behold the fifth and final winning entry in SFoodie's No Reservations viewing party contest. In case you shed brain cells over the weekend, a referesher: We asked groupies of Anthony Bourdain's Travel Channel food show to tell us why they love Tony. the five winners will meet us out tonight for the broadcast of the San Francisco episode, to mingle with a very inside group of S.F. foodies (we swore we wouldn't say more).

Winners fed us poetry, a story about turning from vegetarianism to the flesh-eating dark side, even a kind of OCD-fueled ramble. All very impressive.

The last is from Justin Lanz, a fan of the food-stoked group hug, a kind of We Are The World with edibles. Just remember to wash all traces of pho and tongue tacos from your hands before mingling, please.

Bourdain's love for both high end cuisine and the streetside bowl of pho
or greasy tongue tacos shows that great food brings the world together. His
book inspired me to enter into cooking and he's helped me understand that a
simple meal can transcend family and strangers, even cultures, to bring us
together and remind us of our humanity.

Thanks, Justin. See you tonight.

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