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​Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

Are there any actual rock stars?: It's kind of a Manhattan bitch fight, really. But in advance of a Nightline segment ("Butchers: New Rock Stars of the Culinary World") Grub Street New York gets kind of pissy about what it regards a mugging of the original New York mag piece about the sexy-burly world of meat cutters (Grub Street being New York mag's food blog bitch). None of that is totally interesting, except that, in whining, Grub Street scrapes down to the bone our current fascination with guys like Ryan Farr and Nate Appleman. Behold a few of Grub Street's pointers on propagating the butcher-as-Tommy Lee meme:

• Associate the "hotness" of butchers with the breakdown of animal carcasses.
• Mention of tattoos is optional, but definitely perv out on "muscled forearms."
• Get one of the young butchers to say they don't feel like rock stars.

Get it? Long after meat has become a quick-grow commodity about as sexy as a prosthesis, we're sporting major wood for guys who behead animal carcasses -- preferably before our very eyes, Porkapalooza style. The Nightline piece includes this: Josh Ozersky, national restaurant editor at and a self-professed meat guru, said that people have a gut reaction that draws them to the gore, the blood and the violence of butchering. "Let's face it, there's something very erotic about seeing whole animal carcasses cut up," said Ozersky. Yeah baby.

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