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​Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

SFoodie Pissy. Rant. Session.: Now that the weekend's events are over, let it be said: Could there be a better way to piss off editors than to name an even "SF Chefs. Food. Wine."? Though it clocks a mere four words, SF C.F.W. seems way too long, has too damn much punctuation, and just effs with any sense of language flow. Now that we got that off our chest, let us praise Stephanie Im of Bay Area Bites for coverage (in words and pics) much more clipped and streamlined than the name of the freaking event itself.

Girl's had enough: SFist probes the craggy man-paradox known as Anthony Bourdain. On the one hand, Tony loathes the shrill yammering of our fair city, with its NIMBYisms and Slow Food nannying in the lilting voice of Alice Waters. On the other hand, he just loves us, including the Ferry Building and pricey expressions of locavorisms. SFist's Brock Keeling lays it all out for Tony, S.F. girlfriend-style: But, see, you can't have it both ways, angel face. You can't shrug your shoulders at Waters and declare that you're in the "pleasure business," that you don't care how taste gets to your plate, so long as it gets there; then, at the same time, slam Sandra Lee as "evil" for her epicurean skills, or lack thereof. But, um, isn't there something besides Alice and Sandra? Yesterday, we scarfed a BLT huarache that embodied the snarliest street food, except that it was made with artisan bacon and heirloom tomatoes. Isn't that the kind of thing Tony loves about us?

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