CUESA's Fruit-Themed Cocktail Party Serves Up a Buzz with Plenty of Intestinal Fiber

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M. Brody
Josh Harris of 15 Romolo strains his berrylicious creation.

We're wary of foodie events (even well-intentioned ones) with multiple stations where you fight for drinks and bites. But yesterday's summer fruit-and-botanical-themed cocktail party under the breezy colonnades of the Ferry Building (a benefit for CUESA and the United States Bartenders Guild) was a delight: easy to navigate, with plenty of good drink and a decent amount of alcohol-absorbing nibbles.

M. Brody
Jackie Patterson of Heaven's Dog shakin' it.
With artisanal cocktails going for $9 to $12 at the participating bars, the $30 admission seemed like a deal. You got two full-sized drinks and as many samples as you could toss back, and, as far as we could tell, nobody was getting 86ed for snagging multiples. We got elegantly swacked in record time. Maybe it was the high fiber and vitamin C content of the fruity drinks that allowed us to wake with a clear head. It was certainly one of the few times we actually consumed our daily quota of fruits and vegetables.

Voting on the audience favorite resulted in a tie between H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir's Mountain Peach (we posted the recipe on SFoodie a couple of days ago) and the berrylicious Tuscan Smash from Josh Harris of 15 Romolo (our personal fave). Harris has so far been mum on his recipe, but we did score a list of ingredients for another of our favorites, the Green and Orange from Jackie Patterson of Heaven's Dog (recipe after the jump).

When an admirer asked Patterson if the Green and Orange would be showing up at Heaven's Dog, she cheerfully replied, "If my bar backs had to juice carrots and melons every night, they'd kill me!" Looks like you're stuck making it at home.

M. Brody
A bar back's worst nightmare.
Green and Orange
From Jackie Patterson of Heaven's Dog
Yields one cocktail

1 ½ ounces green Chartreuse
1 ounce fresh carrot juice, preferably organic
1 ounce fresh cantaloupe juice
3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
1/2 ounce honey

Shake on ice and fine-strain into a chilled cocktail glass; garnish with a cilantro leaf.

M. Brody
There were a decent amount of liquor-sopping eats.

M. Brody
Krista of Rickhouse: Famous for her two-fisted shake.
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