Zuppa's Sidewalk Sausage Reaches for Street-Food Glory

Positively Fourth Street: Zuppa's sidewalk grill.

​Everybody's angling for a slice of street-food immortality -- or at least, a few bucks from diners who may not have the scratch for sit-down. 

Can you spot the flaw?
For oh, six months now, Zuppa (564 Fourth St. at Brannan) has been setting up a lunchtime sausage grill on its patch of Fourth Street sidewalk, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. For $5, you get a Niman spicy pork link cooked over mesquite in a little iron hibachi, topped with long-cooked onions and peppers. The sausage we tasted was plush and juicy, with a heap of gilded sweetness from the onion-pepper mix. But it wasn't without it's oh-no-they-din't moment, courtesy of the cold and kind of pasty Sara Lee hot dog bun, straight out the bag. Totally killed our street-food buzz.

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