This Is Why You're Fat: A Seriously Icky Collection of Sick Eats

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This Is Why You're Fat
Strangely appealing: The Lord of The Rings.
Chuck that snack of organic local strawberries and settle in for the ride. The Web site This Is Why You're Fat (tagline: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks) is scary, icky, and funny, all at once. What is it? A reader-submitted catalog (launched by Jessica Amason and Richard Blakeley) of the most mouthwatering, calorie-packed, and LDL cholesterol-laden eats ever cooked up. Sure, Time was all over the site earlier this year. But as biotch diva Christina Aguilera likes to say, it keeps gettin' better -- including a submission by local food blog Yumsugar for The Pursuit of Awesomeness Ice Cream Sandwich (brownies filled with berry-studded ice cream). And in March, publisher HarperStudio announced a book deal for the site, with hints of a possible TV adaptation.

We're guessing that all thoughts of dieting -- or even moderate consumption -- go right out the window of that double-wide when eaters scroll through entries like The Pink Panther, a brioche bun with cotton candy filling. Chili cheese fries are, if anything, a once-a-year treat, yet the sight of The DUI -- French fries covered with chili, cheese, carne asada, and pastrami -- make you wonder how many drinks it would take to soak up so much fatally fatty goodness. Same with The Luther Rory, a ground sirloin patty topped with American cheese, bacon, peanut butter, with a couple of Krispy Kremes as a bun.

The site's geekiest display of barely subliminal sexuality just might be The Lord of the Rings, a foot-long wiener threaded with onion rings, served up with cheese and bacon on top. So wrong. And yet so delicious.

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