Sweet Beat: Edna's Cashew Cookies

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A fabulous hybrid of cake and cookie -- plus generous amounts of whole cashews and cashew buttercream to further reel you in -- equals the kind of cookies you find yourself not wanting to share with anyone. Edna's Success of Mountain View uses a recipe that's been in the family for three generations, back when company muse Edna Hickman baked for her Montana eatery. (With its single table, Hickman's Success Cafe was once listed as the Smallest Operating Cafe in the Guinness Book of World Records.) There's slightly less guilt involved in consuming a package of these cashew cookies than, say, the equivalent volume of cake, but that might simply be because you eat cookies one by one. Go ahead -- we won't tell. Find 'em at Andronico's (1200 Irving at Funston). 
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