SFoodie's Five Favorite Local White Trash Dishes

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Broken Record's Frito Pie
San Francisco fancies itself a haute eating town, but the truth is we sometimes have a taste for something a little bit less refined. Rip open a bag of pork rinds (the kind you get at 7-Eleven), pop a Fanta, kick up your feet and enjoy our five favorite local white trash dishes.

1. Frito Pie at the Broken Record (1166 Geneva at Edinburgh)
This has most of the major food groups in one bowl: dairy, vegetables, meat, and processed.

David Gallagher/Flickr
2. Pickled Pigs Feet at Alfred's Steakhouse (659 Merchant at Kearny)
Who doesn't like to suck on an acidic toe before heaps of beef land on the table?

3. Whitetrash Driver at Butter (354 11th at Folsom)
If you need something to wash down Butter's beans 'n' weenies or the fried Twinkie, nothing hits the spot more than this sophisticated blend of vodka and Sunny-D.

4. Fried Cheese Grit Sticks at Memphis Minnie's (576 Haight at Steiner)
Most of Minnie's grub is deliciously messy, but she's thoughtfully fried up the cheese grits into a self-contained package that you can clink together like glasses in a trashy toast.

5. Picked Quail Eggs at Alembic (1725 Haight at Cole)
Okay, the use of quail instead of chicken eggs is a bit of a fanciful twist on classic trailer park eating. But think of it this way: You can eat a whole lot more of them.

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