Planning a Taco Crawl? Ask the Random Generator Wizard

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Random Taco Crawl Generator
Feel the excitement.
A new Web site seeks to make it easier to organize neighborhood-specific carne asada explorations. The Random Taco Crawl Generator lets you enter a 'hood and decide how many places you want to hit. Click the Andale! button, and the Generator reveals a custom pig-out itinerary.

Devised by Lindsay Tabas, it works with Yelp, linking to taqueria listings on the user review site. We gave the Generator an easy task: Design a five-joint crawl through the Mission. It delivered a list shrouded in Magic 8-Ball-style randomness -- El Castillo, El Taco Loco 2, Los Coyotes, Cancun, and La Cumbre.

Tell the Generator you want to crawl Chinatown and it tells you not to be such a dick, but nicely: "If you're planning a trip to Chinatown, you probably shouldn't be looking for tacos. Why don't you try some of the dim sum and bakeries on Grant and Stockton?" And it gives you a random list of dim sum joints.

If you're already familiar with a neighborhood, the Generator's probably of limited value. But if you want to find out where to score carnitas in, say, Miraloma (um, anyone know where that is?) it might be useful. Except when we asked it to chart a Miraloma crawl, here's what we got: "Bummer! Miraloma does not have one taqueria listed on Yelp! If you know of one, you should consider adding it there." Wise ass.


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