Keep Checking SFoodie for Tickets to 'No Reservations' Private Viewing Party

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Yep, we're totally crushing too.
​We know: You love Anthony Bourdain. We love him, too, which is why we're practically wetting ourselves that in exactly two weeks -- on Monday, August 10 -- the Travel Channel will air the San Francisco-Oakland episode of No Reservations. It was the source of sweaty, fervid speculation last spring when Tony was in town.

Turns out SFoodie knows the super-secret backstory of local taping because, well, we were there.

We'll let you in on more in the next few days, including info on how you can win tickets for a private viewing party that'll have you pic-messaging your skeptical buddies just to prove you're not a lying sack of offal. Believe us, Tony worshippers, this is one opportunity you won't want to miss.


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