The Mayor's Favorite Milkshake? A Frothy Blend of Voting Blocs Topped with Whipped Cream

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Newsom's favorite is green -- and no, it isn't a Shamrock Shake.
​Far be it from us to knock a politician for playing politics with food, but really? Gavin Newsom's iconic milkshake is a green tea creation? Seriously?

Today the Got Milk? launched a list of celebrity-themed milkshake recipes (concocted by Mariah Swan, pastry chef of L.A. restaurant BLD) designed to be expressive of the California luminaries who allegedly guzzle them. Newsom's is a blend of green tea and vanilla ice creams and cocoa powder, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. So what, that green tea represents a cagey strategy for the would-be governor to snag the Asian bloc? Or Santa Monica yoga moms, ever eager to suck down antioxidants? And what it all says about the would-be governor is murky.

One thing that seems clear? We're pretty sure Newsom isn't thrilled about the the most prominent line of his brief bio on Got Milk?: Newsom has gained worldwide attention as a champion for same-sex marriage. D'oh!

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