Five Local Ways to Celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day

See's Candies Milk Chocolate Bordeaux.
Happy National Milk Chocolate Day! Yes, SFoodie has certainly worked hard to become a dark chocolate snob, but we acknowledge milk chocolate's roll as a sweet little gateway drug. As a result, we celebrate this very important holiday with some of our local favorites.

Don't worry, we're not by-the-book purists, and we won't slip in anything freaky here (like the camel milk chocolate we told you about last week). Just some straight-up, can't-fail missionaries of milk chocolate goodness.

1. Milk Chocolate Bordeaux at See's Candies (540 Market at Sansome; Three Embarcadero at Sacramento; 754 Clement at Ninth Ave.)

See's has a seemingly infinite number of milk chocolate-based treats, but these classic brown sugar and buttercream bonbons with sporty milk chocolate 'n' jimmy jackets really dress up any occasion.

2. Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae at Ghirardelli Square (900 North Point at Polk)

Yes, Ghirardelli's is a tourist trap, but the lure of its hot fudge sundaes is undeniable (if tragically more limited in scope than they used to be). The hot fudge comes in either milk or dark chocolate varieties.

3. Dark Milk Chocolate Bar at Recchiuti (One Ferry Plaza at The Embarcadero)

While dark chocolate seems to be a preferred medium for Michael Recchiuti's confections, he does dip into milk chocolate for this balanced 55-percent cacao creation. 

4. Peanut butter milk chocolate ganache cupcake at Kara's Cupcakes (3249 Scott at Chestnut; 900 North Point at Polk)

One of the most decadent of all of Kara's pretty li'l bitties, this chocolate cupcake is slathered with a peanut butter and milk chocolate ganache frosting that would give Reese's serious envy.

5. No. 9 Dark Milk Chocolate Bar at Christopher Elbow (401 Hayes at Gough)

Another deep flavor that won't offend enthusiasts of the dark side, Elbow uses 51 percent cacao in what is, like Recchiuti's Dark Milk, the only milk chocolate bar in his line.

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