Tabasco-Spiked Tequila Sparks a Three-Alarm Buzz

Mary Ladd
Spirits snobs may gag over the notion of spicy tequila, but heat lovers (including this blogger) have definitely warmed up to the notion of adult drinks with a kick.

Tabasco's premium tequila is labeled hecho en Mexico. It adds a touch of heat to the usual margarita, Bloody Mary, or shot. Expect to feel the burn on the back of your tongue within seconds of imbibing. On a heat spectrum of one to ten (ten being unbearably hot), Tabasco tequila ranks a respectable six or seven. And it does settle once and for all the question, "Why add a dash of hot sauce if it's already in the bottle-o'-booze?" Of course, part of the fun of spicy eating and drinking is the bragging rights. Just remember to play nice -- warn your friends before mixing or serving up this spirit.

As of now, you'll have to score Tabasco tequila online at Binny's. The cost is $22.99 for a 750 ml bottle, or, for truly flush heat freaks, $262.09 for a case.

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