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​Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

No Noe: Noe Valley, SF ain't feeling the love from 7x7. The mag invited residents to pitch in for its neighborhood issue, submitting photos and boosterish essays. And while the Mission and Castro scored, Noe got ignored. Like a guy who thinks he sniffs a love connection on a first date, only to never get another text from his hoped-for hubby, Noe Valley, SF sloshes around in a murky mix of anger and self-doubt: Should we be offended? Did they not like the letters or photos? Is Noe too far away for the average 7x7 reader (Chloe's, Toast, Savor and cheap nails/waxing exluded)? [sic] It's not you, Noe. You're way too good for them, baby.

Better hope they're edible: No, G, "superweed" isn't a generic descriptor for Purple Kush, but the name of a pesticide-resistant crop killer. Grist's Tom Philpott points a finger at Big Ag, which, in its zeal for Monsanto's Roundup, sowed the seeds of Roundup resistance, now a major migraine. He quotes Ford L. Baldwin, described as a Big Ag "weed consultant." Come to think of it, given the seemingly intractable problem of superweeds, Mr. Baldwin might consider a new career consulting growers of Purple Kush.

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