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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

Rumor maven: In her Scoop column for the Yummy Letter, GraceAnn Walden writes about Nate Appleman like he's a superplayer in a class with A-Rod and Mark Sanford. Last week the Chron broke the story that the inked, stocky chef was booking from A16 and SPQR. In classic gossip-rag style, Walden drops a sentence that's hard to interpret, except that it reeks of easy sleaze. After lobbing the bomblet that Appleman's wife and son have retreated to the Philippines, Walden looses this: Appleman, meanwhile has a love interest in Manhattan and it's not New York pizza. Feel like we need a shower.

Stickler for accuracy: Tenderblog reacted to Meredith Brody's post in SFoodie yesterday about Show Dogs, the brand-new high-gloss hot dog café near the Golden Gate Theater. Tenderblog has a fondness for keeping it real, admits allegiance to the 510's Top Dog, but says he's willing to preserve an open mind about Show Dogs. All good, except he questions Brody's assertion that she passed a couple of snaky soup-kitchen lines en route to this new locus of upscale wienerdom. Chill, dude -- Brody never said the lines were exactly at the corner of Market and Golden Gate.

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