Doggy Bag: Today's Odds and Ends

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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

Eighty-sixed in the Excelsior: What killed the Broken Record? Yesterday, Hot Food Porn laid a burly man hug on the Geneva Avenue tavern that closed suddenly earlier this month, suggesting it was a victim of plain old chef burnout. Here's Porn: This is a late post, but 2 Fridays ago, the Broken Record duo unexpectedly left their post because as they told me in their own words, "we need a break, we've had 5 days off the last 9 months." We'd like to join Porn in giving ex-Record chefs Katharine Zacher and Ryan Ostler a biker-style fist bump. Rest up, hear?

Buzzkill: Forbes' James E. McWilliams takes on locavores -- what he calls the locavore myth, anyway. Before you grab your locally sourced wood cudgels to attack Mr. McWilliams, read what he has to say: Sussing out a food's carbon footprint is a hell of a lot more complex than merely counting food miles. Kinda comes down to figuring out what we value most: sustaining sub-Saharan farmers, say (they supply lots of veggies to Europe), or giving up meat one day a week. One thing not up for debate? Riding your bike to the farmers' market is good for everybody. And rainbows are pretty (that last one is ours).

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