Doggy Bag: Today's Odds and Ends

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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

Baked: Bay Area Bites' Andrew Simmons pondered the psychology of the thin crust Tuesday. Why in the hayle is Flour + Water mobbed, while Valencia Street's Pizzeria is as overlooked and possibly underloved? Simmons hears the drone of the buzz machine: Does the press machine get behind whatever they're told to get behind by whomever gets to decide what should be gotten behind? Is herd mentality a lot of what's keeping Flour + Water packed tighter than a jar of oil-cured anchovies and Pizzeria as forlorn and lonely as a marinara-deprived breadstick? Does a Halal pizzeria without a pizzaiolo or a publicist stand a chance in this city? We're kind of liking Simmons' thoughtful outsider schtick. Kind of a lot.

So good: The Hungry Dog has a bit of a [heart]-hate relationship with a certain porn-ready Food Network host: I masochistically found myself watching Giada pack up an adorable picnic lunch for her husband and baby. They then drove to an idyllic spot where Giada and her husband literally fed pasta salad to each other while the baby gurgled happily. I was ready to lose it. Totally been there, bro.

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