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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

First Foodie: Is Michelle Obama a stealth locavore? Grist's Tom Laskawy ponders the possibility. According to the Washington Post, FLOTUS's commitment to denying Big Ag goes a bit beyond scratching out a few rows of heirloom radishes on the South Lawn. She's sending signals that she may be willing to drive the agenda of the good food movement in schools, a focus (starting this fall) of Slow Food USA. Writes Laskawy: Just as health care reformers want to know where President Obama will draw his line in the sand on the health care bill, I think it's worth wondering will Michelle Obama be drawing lines for food policy and kids comes the fall? Will she actively campaign for particular reforms? After Alice Waters and other slow foodies openly advocated for Hilary last year (thinking she'd be a food movement symp), does Michelle have some surprise game?

Hater watch: At our sister Village Voice Media food blog Fork in the Road, Sarah DiGregorio rails against those itty-bitty goodies baked in pleated papers. For a long time, I thought cupcakes would eventually go away. Like the Atkins diet and elaborately molded stacks of tuna tartare, the precious little nubbins would hop off into the sunset, and we'd all move on to the Next! Big! Thing! Cupcakes went through the traditional stages of a relationship with the food media -- first, they were cute; then they were eye-rollingly common; now, they're done. Except they're not. Lick your fingers and move on , girl.

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