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Our favorite morsels from the food blogs and beyond.

Riding is thirsty work: You know how it is: Sometimes you gotta pop a cold one just to get the smell of those greasy blue seats out of your nose. Read the blog Beer by BART and you can be tickling your nostrils with IPA foam within minutes of leaving a station. Bloggers Gail Ann Williams and Steve Shapiro have been mapping beer venues within a mile or so of Bay Area Bart stations since March 2007. They're suds enthusiasts and pub transport fiends, with a reasonable argument to fuse them: Why not let train operators be your designated drivers, since they're going your way anyhow? How did we miss this site till now?

Taco envy: At Squid Ink, our sister blog from LA Weekly, Diane Cu describes a street taco vendor who frequents L.A.'s Olympic Blvd. From a rattly cart topped with an improvised comal (a cookie sheet over a heat source) the unnamed vendor engineers serious taco love: Taco-hungry customers huddle around her little makeshift stall: a small, metal folding hand cart jammed with homemade salsas, chiles, masa for the tortillas, handmade fillings of fresh nopales, beef-potato and chicken-mushroom, all carefully assembled under Downtown L.A.'s sweltering summer heat. So why are we bothering? Because Cu's pics, especially, lay down a certain standard for street-food tacos all too rare in S.F. Damn you, L.A.!

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