Company Lets You Customize Artisanal Ice Cream -- For a Price

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No guarantee what you come up with'll be as good as the coffee-toffee from Bi-Rite.
​Fancying artisanal, flavor-driven ice cream with DIY flair? Maybe you don't want to deal with the fuss and muss of washing up your ice cream maker or dealing with a sink full of measuring cups and spatulas. Point your mouse to the online Perfect Flavor shop, and let the creative juices flow, scoring custom, hand-made, Slow-Food-friendly ice creams shipped right to your door.

Locavores might have issues, even though the organic ingredients include eggs from Polyface Farms. Virginia-based Perfect Flavor allows you to customize your frozen treats of choice using a base of gelato, sorbet, mousse, sweet-cream ice cream, yogurt, or French custard -- that's only the first step. Next comes picking a flavor: vanilla, chocolate, caramel, or coffee. Then prepare to go as sweet or savory as you like by opting for things like fruit, cookie dough, toffee, or maybe get all herbal with a touch of rosemary. Seasoning notes range from cayenne to cocoa powder, poppy seeds, peppermint, and ginger (okay, maybe not all together). Naming rights are yours. Then again, for the price, they should be. The minimum order of four pints cost $119.99 plus shipping. Savor it slowly.

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