Coming to a Secret Street-Food Venue Near You: Bacon Potato Chips

No doubt bacon and potato chips are the two favorite food groups of many a SFoodie reader. Turns out you may soon be able to combine the two, thanks to an emerging street-food vendor named Bill (last name withheld for licensing reasons).

Last Friday, Burrito Justice was on the scene in Dolores Park to snag a bag of Bill's bacon potato chips, on what turned out to be his first foray into vending (he does something that sounds seriously boring for a high-tech company during the day). Bill showed up with a second batch the following Sunday.

Yesterday Bill shared his secrets with SFoodie (steal them and Bill

Burrito Justice
Bacon and chips in one great taste.
WILL find you). He slices and fries up ordinary russets in vegetable oil, but with an innovation sure to send a ripple through the hearts of the LDL-unconcerned: He tosses bacon into the oil. When the chips are drained and seasoned, the fried and crumbled bacon joins them, with an extra piece on top. Just for eye candy, as it were.

"I'm not a cook by trade," Bill said. "I just came up with a recipe I thought was decent. When I went to Dolores Park, it was amazing how it took off. People were literally rushing over to me." Bill told us he may well be out in the Mission again this weekend. Consult his Twitter feed for updates.

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