Coffee Table Book We Crave: Lady Chefs Who Hunt

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Traci des Jardins - chef/co-owner of Jardiniere

This is so hot (unless you are a member of PETA)! If the chef-ladies-who-hunt decide to make a coffee table book about their current hunting adventure in outer Mongolia, SFoodie is all over it.

In late June, I got wind of a camping-slash-hunting expedition including chef Traci des Jardins (Jardiniere and Acme Chophouse), Loretta Keller (Coco500), Mary Sue Milliken (Ciudad in Los Angeles), Anita Lo (Annisa in NYC), and April Bloomfield (NY spots The Spotted Pig and The John Dory). While I admire chefs who can cook of either gender, it is exciting to hear about females who also do hunting and/or the butchering that inevitably follows.

In June, Chef des Jardins kindly responded to an email request for an interview, but offered a missive that only left me wanting more: "We are documenting the trip with extensive photography-so we will have many possibilities when we come back. We have had extensive conversations with many of the publishers and some writers...." SFoodie will not have an excloo on this hunting trip, but eagerly awaits more info and images. Hey, Ladies: Coffee. Table. Book. Please.

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