City of Burgers: Best-O-Burger's Sloppy Bob

Meredith Brody
Deliciously retro.

 We've gone on record as being big fans of Best-O-Burger's satisfying slideresque burgers and crisp onion strings (inaccurately named Ring-Os). But the tiny spot on Belden Place (493 Pine at Kearny) didn't make it into heavy rotation on account of its utter lack of seating. You could perch on the planters across the street on Pine or otherwise just go wander off somewhere, while all that off-limits seating from the other restaurants crowding Belden seemed to exist solely to tempt you. It felt cruel.


But as of this week, Best-O-Burger has indoor seating, in a semi-subterranean but spacious room two doors down on Belden. Tell the counter guy you're eating in and your food will be brought to you (on a silver tray, no less) at one of the basic but functional white tables ringed with bright yellow chairs.

To celebrate this new luxury, we ordered a Sloppy Bob ($2.44), Best-O's version of the retro and hard-to-find Sloppy Joe: grilled, loose-ground Black Angus beef in a spicy, tomatoey "secret" sauce and topped with cheese, a layer of Ring-Os providing a welcome bit of crunch. Yum-o and cheap-o, since one was plenty for us. (Note: The one-piece Sloppy Bob doesn't appear on the menu, but you can ask for one.) We washed it down with an excellent vanilla shake ($2.99 small/$3.99 large), made with Häagen-Dazs. Pic of the brand-new dining room after the jump.

Meredith Brody
Spacious and semi-subterranean.

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