New Bottled Iced Teas from Peet's: Rrefreshment Without the Weirdness

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Alfred Peet's tea legacy lives on -- in the fridge. Peet was originally from Holland, and grew up in the coffee and tea trade before opening his first store in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto in 1966, long before there was such a thing. Now, just in time for S.F.'s fog-shrouded summer, Peet's bottled iced teas have hit the market.

The drinks come in 15-ounce bottles, with flavors that include Snow Leopard, Little Dragon, Jade Green, and Moroccan Mint. Exotic, no? The unsweetened Summer House Citrus

Mary Ladd
Peet's Summer House Citrus: crisp and mellow.
we guzzled was crisp, refreshing, and mellow -- you might just want to add lemon and/or a sweetener of choice. These "all-natural" bottled iced teas are thankfully devoid of any weird sweet or off flavors. And, despite coming off as undersweetened, they contain pure cane sugar in place of high-fructose corn syrup. Cost: $1.59.

Get your iced tea drink on at six Peet's locations in San Francisco: 555 Ninth St. at Bryant; 450 Sansome at Clay; 595 Market at Second St.; 1400 Van Ness at Bush; in the Ferry Building; and 3419 California at Laurel. You can also score some at Costco in Mountain View and Novato. A Peet's rep confirmed they'll likely make it to more Costcos soon -- who knows, maybe just in time for the autumnal swelter of September and October.

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