Be the Change You Wish to Eat: The Week in SFoodie

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Appleman: armed with new challenges.
• It was a week all about moving on, starting with Meredith Brody's Hot Meal report on Five, the luxe-y Berkeley hotel eatery that marks the re-appearance of beloved S.F. chef Scott Howard. She's dreaming about a return.

• Mary Ladd tracked another re-appearance: After breaking hearts for departing the Mission, Suriya Thai surfaced in SOMA. Hey Valencia Street: see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

• Tamara Palmer took a late-night stroll through Lower Haight wiener culture in Hot Dog Alley. A Tenderloin never tasted so good.

• Matthew Stafford pondered changes to the gimlet, a cocktail loved by a certain literary dick. Sure, the classic formula is too sweet for modern tastes, but that shouldn't be license to crazy it up with stuff like elderflower syrup. You know?

• Tamara Palmer reported on changes that just might make Dolores Park a tad less trashy. Literally.

• And finally, Meredith Brody described the imminent departure from A16 and SPQR by a certain ink-sleeved chef with a shiny head and a national following. It was fun while it lasted, right? Kind of like the week in SFoodie.

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