What Don't Kill You Makes You Stronger: The Week in SFoodie

• It was a trying week for lovers of the new-school street-food scene: Sexy Soup Lady got shut down last weekend, prompting all kinds of Twitter-gazing. Were public tweets too indiscrete? Or have Linda Street residents just turned all grampa-cranky?

• Local news took notice, enlisting SFoodie's own Tamara Palmer on a fruitless search for mobile eats. Film at 11.

• And with even the Wall Street Journal drooling over street food, we corralled some national stars of cart and truck cuisine.

• Robert Kenner, director of the new shock-doc Food, Inc., talked with SFoodie about Big Ag: They largely refused to talk for his film, but now that's it out, they won't shut up.

• Meanwhile, Tyler Florence, the handsomely doughy TV food star holed up in Marin, was super pissed about the disappearance of a certain ginormous utensil. Have an extra mojito during cocktail hour tonight, TyFlo -- like the rest of us, you survived a janky week in local food.

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